Interest-driven App with
HOTLIST Feature for Realtors

Instantly signal Buyer Interest from the
HotList giving you a Competitive Advantage

Seamlessly Bulk Send
SMS, WhatsApp & Telegram

Using our powerful Include/Exclude Group
Feature, you can now easily Pause & Resume
when sending to large number of Sales Leads

We are Committed to
your Total Privacy

Coqnit will never sell or share
your data to third parties

Interest Driven Real Estate Mobile Marketing & Analytics Platform


$0 / Month
  • Multi-Platform Bulk Broadcast
  • Easily Pause & Resume Sending
  • Access Buyer Hotlist
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Total Privacy


Coming Soon
  • Everything in Free +
  • Track Individual Campaign Interest
  • AI Generated Campaign Message
  • Automated Broadcast
  • Campaign Scheduling
  • Total Privacy


Custom Pricing
  • Personalized CRM
  • Data Analytics
  • Build Contact Profiles
  • Automation Templates
  • Total Privacy
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